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Lets' face it, whether you collected baseball cards as a kid or still to this day, we all know and have heard of the famous Honus Wagner T206, the Holy Grail of all cards. Now, owning one, that's highly unlikely, never mind seeing one in person.

The past several years we have seen the baseball card market explode, take example the 1952 Mickey Mantle going for a cool 12.6 million as of August 2022. And it's not just Mantle, there are many just like his that are completely out of reach for the average collector.

We started Anvil Card Co. for that reason, to own a 1952 Mantle. or a Wagner, without taking a mortgage out on your house. Our cards go through a thorough, meticulous aging process to give the look of the real thing. 

These cards for some are the final piece to their collection, a great display item, a conversation starter. 

For all of you that want a piece of history, we give you Anvil Card Co.


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